Educational Scenarios

  1. A new point of view-Tape Art (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  2. Acceleration and gravity in 3-dimensional space (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  3. Applying hydrologic modelling tools to delineate watersheds and extract a channel network of major rivers and streams for a
  4. Create spatial figures with CAD Software (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  5. Distances with vector algebra (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  6. Earth Graticule (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  7. Earth Observation & Satellite images in your classroom (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  8. Ecological Risk Assessment and Satellite observations (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  9. Experiments with PET-powered rockets (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  10. Exploring European environmental statistics
  11. Exploring the Eurostat – Statistical Atlas Economy and Business
  12. Exploring the Eurostat – Statistical Atlas Environment and Natural Resources
  13. Exploring the Eurostat – Statistical Atlas People and Society
  14. Functions in two variables (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  15. Geodesic dome (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  16. Google maps and geographical concepts
  17. Google Maps Orientation – Basics (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  18. How to use Google Earth
  19. Introduction to map projections
  20. Light Paintings (Edutainment event, Fondazione Idis – Città della Scienza)
  21. Mapping flooded area using radar satellite remote sensing
  22. Mirror Anamorphosis (educational activity BG-BRG Schwechat)
  23. Monitoring drying inland water body using satellite remote sensing
  24. Optical illusions (educational activity BGBRG Schwechat)
  25. Optimal route finding and Least Cost Path concepts (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  26. Potential landing sites on the Moon and Mars for my rover (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  27. Scale of the Solar System in a nutshell (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  28. Sea level rise impact on coastal areas (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  29. Solar panel placement on Earth, the Moon and Mars! (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  30. The ancient tunnel of Eupalinos in Samos, Greece (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  31. The Map of the Island (Edutainment event, Fondazione Idis – Città della Scienza)
  32. Trilateration and the GPS (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  33. Work with digital elevation models (DEM) for a selected area
  34. Rover exploration game developed with Scratch (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)
  35. Selecting an Offshore Wind Farm site (educational activity Ellinogermaniki Agogi)